• Industry

    The BWB Group is a proven industrial partner in the surface treatment of metals and in the mechanical processing of aluminium and plastics.

  • Architecture

    Anodised surfaces from BWB protect aluminium against weathering influences for decades and make it a resistant material for façades and windows.

  • Aerospace

    BWB Group offers a wide range of surface treatments consistent with the standards and procedural regulations of major aircraft manufacturers.

  • Watchmaking

    BWB-Ampho's field of expertise includes brazing components as well as treating surfaces for the watchmaking industry, regardless of the product...

  • Medical

    Thanks to a wide knowledge of materials and a perfect mastery of manufacturing processes, BWB-Ampho has established a fine reputation with major companies in...

  • Art

    BWB's art department has been restoring minimalist 20th-century artworks since 1999. In addition to restorations, BWB also specialises in planning and...