Fresh color, boldly combined

London-based product designer Tino Seubert created the "Anodised Wicker" collection in 2018, consisting of a stool and a bench. The collection is continuously joined by other color variants and an armchair. Recently, BWB anodized the newest member of the stool family in the freshly created color "BWB Lilac".

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Pablo Stettler

Art Department


Where necessary, manual labor is not dispensed with despite the available technology. BWB anodisers also realise extraordinary colours between the standard: After the protective anodising layer is built up, the aluminum profiles are dipped into a color bath. The time spent in the bath influences the saturation and thus the colour tone - the longer the time in the bath, the darker the colour. In collaboration with Tino Seubert, the new and lighter shade "BWB Lilac" was created from BWB Violet 340.

"Materials are much more than just a production medium for me. They are an essential part of the concept and make an object what it is.", Tino Seubert.

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