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BWB Surface Technology specialises in electrolytic, chemical and galvanic surface finishing - From anodising aluminium to galvanic coatings. For our clientele with the highest technical and aesthetic demands.

Diversity in surface technology

Industry, aviation and medical technology

The technical coatings of BWB Surface Technology reliably protect components against wear and corrosion, influence the sliding behavior and the electrical conductivity. They also meet the high market-specific requirements in the target markets of aerospace, medical technology and mechanical engineering.

Architecture, design and art

The surface structure of aluminium can be refined and coloured without losing its metallic character. BWB Surface Technology offers its clientele in architecture, design and art a wide range of surface finishes in various colours and finishes.

Working at BWB

We are looking for well-trained professionals who perform their work with conviction. Only with a strong team can we meet and exceed the high demands of our customers. Apply now for a position at BWB Surface Technology.

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Special opening hours

Some locations use the summer for a break in operations and maintenance work. Please note the special opening hours at these BWB Surface Technology locations:


Büren on the Aare


La Chaux-de-Fonds