Step by step towards decarbonisation

BWB-Betschart AG uses its entire roof surface and part of the south façade to generate solar power. The photovoltaic system has been in operation since the end of January and generates an average of 300 megawatt hours per year. The new photovoltaic system supplies energy directly to the company grid. At the BWB site in Stans-Oberdorf, this means that the photovoltaic system covers around 15% of the electricity requirement, a step towards reducing CO2 emissions.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Josef Horat

Managing Director


Transparent energy management

Special energy management software helps to record electricity consumption separately for each area and system. The aim is to reduce energy peaks without impairing production processes. For example, the charging process for electric service vehicles is interrupted at peak demand times and restarted automatically when consumption is low.

"The potential savings in our compressed air systems were surprising. Simple measures such as improved seals and increased maintenance cycles have resulted in a significant reduction in electricity consumption," reveals René Niederberger, responsible for energy management.

Next steps and prospects

In future, BWB-Betschart AG intends to completely dispense with fossil fuels for heating its production facilities and is planning further investments in the coming years. Thanks to partnerships with local suppliers of CO2-neutral energy, the prospects of achieving this ambitious goal are good.

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