Strengthening the management of BWB-Altenrhein AG

We are pleased to announce that Urs Scheuber, who has been responsible for quality management at the BWB Group for many years, will take over the technical management of BWB-Altenrhein AG on January 1, 2024.


Competent dual management

The new dual management team, consisting of long-standing Managing Director Norbert Gächter and Urs Scheuber, reflects the steady growth of our company, whereby the combined commercial and technical expertise of the new dual management team is an ideal complement.

Successful strategy

BWB-Altenrhein AG can look back on a successful period of growth in all business areas. In the Industry division, we successfully replaced the manual anodising plant with a state-of-the-art fully automatic machine, which led to the creation of new capacities. In the architectural sector, innovative processes were successfully established on the market, and the wet paint sector recorded impressive growth, with sales doubling in just 12 months.

Investing in the future

To continue this success, we are continuing to invest in the future of BWB-Altenrhein AG. The construction of a new logistics hall will be started this year and completed next year. This expansion enables us to optimize the flow of goods in order to cope with the constantly increasing volume of orders.
We are confident that these strategic measures will further strengthen BWB-Altenrhein AG’s position as a leading company in the industry. We wish Urs Scheuber a successful start in his new role and would like to thank all employees and customers for their continued support and trusting cooperation.

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