State-of-the-art automatic Anodising machine at BWB-Dresden

In January 2023, Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik in Dresden put an innovative automatic Anodising machine into operation. With a fabric window of up to 5,000 x 800 x 1,800 mm, both small parts and larger components for aviation, mechanical engineering and medical technology can be coated.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Mark Schreckenbach

Managing Director


REACH-compliant process landscape

Nehlsen-BWB’s automatic Anodising machine combines established processes such as anodizing and hard anodizing with innovations that are geared towards new market requirements. This includes the mixed acid process phosphorus-sulphuric acid Anodising (PSA), which is a chrome-free pre-treatment for paint and adhesive applications for aviation. In this way, we are supporting the switch to a REACH-compliant process landscape.

Certified quality

Nehlsen-BWB offers you high quality and reliable service, which is reflected not only in a QM system in accordance with EN 9100 that has been established for decades, but also in the NADCAP accreditation it has held since 2010.

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The conclusion after more than 12 months and several thousand immersion procedures:

Overall, the investment in the new Anodising machine has proven to be very successful: The expansion of production capacities and the improvement of process quality go hand in hand with the ongoing efforts to meet modern production and environmental standards.

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