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Erfolgreiche Premiere der Eloxal-Akademie #News

Successful premiere of the anodizing academy

The first Eloxal Academy brought customers and coaters together in a unique format. In a manageable setting, the participants experienced an intensive half-day on the anodizing of aluminium.

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Hochmoderner Anodisier-Automat der BWB-Dresden #Aviation

State-of-the-art automatic Anodising machine at BWB-Dresden

In January 2023, Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik in Dresden put an innovative automatic Anodising machine into operation. Both small parts and larger components are coated for the aviation, mechanical engineering and medical technology sectors.

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surtec #Aviation

Process qualification SurTec 650

BWB offers the advanced SurTec 650 process for the aerospace industry at its Dresden, Stans-Oberdorf and Altenrhein sites. At the Altenrhein site, BWB has successfully had the process audited in accordance with the Applicator Qualification Process (AQP).

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Badanlage-AR-01 #News

Short circuit in the Permalux bath – possible delivery delays

On January 26, 2024, a short circuit occurred in the Permalux pool, which led to a small fire. The production capacities of the Permalux processes are temporarily impaired.

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rubi_beni_reto #News

New managers for key positions within the BWB Group

Bernhard Mayer, former Head of Industrial Sales at the BWB Group, will take over the position of Managing Director of BWB-Aloxyd AG from March 1, 2024, forming a new dual management team together with Aaron Hügli.

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Elbe-Dresde-Nacht #News

Impressions at the turn of the year

The various BWB locations celebrate the turn of the year in their own unique way. Here you can find impressions of the end-of-year dinners and events, the assignments in the last week of December and the start-of-year celebrations in Dresden.

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240109_Stift und Buch_3 #Design

Design classics from Caran d’Ache reinterpreted

BWB Surface Technology has refined the 849 ballpoint pen from Caran d'Ache. With three selected anodised colours from the industrial colour chart, appealing and individual colour combinations were created that underline the unique design of the ballpoint pen.

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Single turboprop aircraft, landing aircraft #News

BWB presents itself at the Karrierestart fair in Dresden

Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik will be taking part from 19.01. to 21.01.2024 at the Karrierestart trade fair in Dresden. As a trainer of surface coaters, BWB plays a crucial role in the aviation industry's value chain.

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gl2 #News

Strengthening the management of BWB-Altenrhein AG

We are pleased to announce that Urs Scheuber, who has been responsible for quality management at the BWB Group for many years, will take over the technical management of BWB-Altenrhein AG on January 1, 2024.

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Komax Video Anodising Ematal Coating Eloxier #News

Apprentices at BWB Surface Technology

Fabian Hardegger is completing a commercial apprenticeship at BWB-Betschart AG and portrays other apprentices, trainees and former BWB employees in his first self-written online article.

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Thomas Betschart: Abschied von einem BWB-Wegbereiter #News

Farewell to BWB pathfinder Thomas Betschart

It is with deep regret that we inform you that our esteemed company founder, Thomas Betschart, passed away on November 30, 2023.

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230606_Unlimitrust_170934-3072×2048 #Architecture

Unlimitrust Campus

The Unlimitrust Campus of Sicpa, a renowned manufacturer of printing inks for banknotes, covers an impressive 77,000 square meters and offers space for several thousand workstations.

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Liteline-Daettwyler_E4A6564 #Design

Liteline – aluminum picket railing

Liteline is the Swiss design railing made of aluminum. With countless design options, precise design and durable construction, it meets architectural and economic requirements in modern residential construction.

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bwb1 #Design

Cinelli Xcr75 – limited edition luxury road bike with hand anodised Classfied rear hub

The Cinelli Xcr75 is an exclusive high-performance road bike that was manufactured in Italy in a limited edition of just 20 units to mark the brand's 75th anniversary - the rear hub was hand-anodised by BWB.

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Ematal beschichtete Hydraulikzylinder der GRIBI Hydraulics AG #Mechanical engineering

High-quality Ematal layer for continuous use in agriculture

Hydraulic systems play an important role in increasing productivity and efficiency in agriculture. Ematal-coated components from BWB Surface Technology decisively protect and extend the service life of hydraulic solutions.

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Marco_Ganz_web #Anodising

Creatures of the Deep: The Fascinating Elegance of Pacificus

In 2015, the dreamlike deep-sea creatures called "Creatures of the Deep" by artist Marco Ganz first emerged from the anodising baths of BWB Surface Technology. Now two more color variants of the Pacificus have been produced: A first one especially for the premises of BWB-Betschart AG, a second one for the artist.

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header #Architecture

Workshop Office Dorn AG

Dorn AG's workshop office showcases the company's craftsmanship on its own premises - with a Permalux anodized interior façade.

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BWB-Permalux prägt das Erscheinungsbild von Thermoplan auf der Host 2023 #News

BWB-Permalux shapes the appearance of Thermoplan at Host 2023

Host 2023 in Milan will attract around 130,000 guests from October 13 to 17. Among the exhibitors is the renowned Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Thermoplan.

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Neue_GF_Bild_Edited-2 #News

New leadership for BWB Dresden

We are pleased to announce the succession of the management of Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden GmbH & Co KG and BWB Surface Technology S.R.L, our BWB plants in Dresden and Brasov.

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Nadcap zertifizierte BWB-Betschart AG #News

Nadcap audit successfully mastered again

To obtain and maintain Nadcap certification, the most stringent requirements must be met. BWB-Betschart AG has once again achieved this in the areas of anodising, hard anodising and chromating.

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Farbeloxierte Komponenten des Multiphotonenmikroskop in BWB-Rot 251 #Mechanical engineering

All-round package for high-tech microscope

The instrument cover for a high-tech microscope receives an all-round package in the range of services offered by BWB Surface Technology.

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Fotos: Johanna Bommer #Design

Diploma work “Color Bath

Sven Odermatt, a 25-year-old industrial design student at the renowned ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne, has created an impressive work called "Color bath" as part of his bachelor's thesis at BWB-Betschart AG in Stans.

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20230709_123348 #News

Driving fun deluxe

Shortly before the Christmas days of the year 2022, we were able to surprise a delighted mother with an Infento construction kit for 55 vehicles. As the lucky winner of our colorful anodized unique piece, she had every reason to be happy.

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Photovoltaikanlage der BWB-Altenrhein AG #News

1672 panels produce solar power for BWB-Altenrhein AG

On the two roofs of the production halls of BWB Surface Technology in Altenrhein, 1672 photovoltaic modules with a surface area of 3341 m2 were installed during five weeks this summer.

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EFORCE_S-Way_02 #Competence in aluminium

Aluminum for electromobility

E-Force One AG is a pioneer in the field of e-trucks. In order to meet the high demands on load-bearing capacity and corrosion resistance, the company relies on the aluminum alloy EN AW 6082 for structural components.

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Penzel Valier Architekten, Zürich #Architecture

SRF Media Center

The façade of the SRF Media Center is characterized by a strict choice of materials: exposed concrete, glass and anodized aluminum.

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Ventile web #Ematal anodising

Maximum performance, minimum wear

Over the past 10 years, therefore, more than 1.5 million valve components have been ematalized by BWB-Betschart AG in Schlieren.

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EMBRU-med-03 #Design

EMBRU table and bench

The award-winning outdoor furniture set "Easy Aluminium" consist of table and bench, which can be easily produced in different sizes thanks to the standard profiles used.

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01-elefant_20220523-5145-1200×801 #Architecture

Lokstadt Elefant (construction site 2)

Where the Lokstadt now stands, there were once the workshops of the Swiss Locomotive and Machine Factory. It was the most important locomotive forge in the country and its locomotives made railroad history.

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Einblicke-BWB-Iten-s-09 #Electroplating

“Welcome aboard” is the motto in Rudolfstetten

At BWB, the pirates among the surface technicians are the Rudolfstetter. With the galvanic processes, they form the exotics within the Swiss plants of BWB.

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Lehni-AG-Küche-s-02 #Design

Clean lines and elegant shades: desire kitchens made of aluminum

Whether for facades or interiors, anodized aluminum surfaces are versatile in architectural applications. Easy to clean and durable, the lightweight material is also excellent for high-end kitchens.

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Installation-Anergienetz-AR #News

BWB heats Altenrhein village center

BWB-Altenrhein cools its anodising plants with Lake Constance water. Now the heated lake water is used to heat the neighboring residential quarter.

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Salm-Fassadenwelten-m-03 #News

Salm facade worlds

The "Facade Worlds" exhibition offers your visitors a complete overview of a large selection of facade and roof systems. Take a look!

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Chris-Hunter-lets talk-about-s-01 #Art

Art intervention by Chris Hunter

Multi-colored anodized aluminum sheets connect the individual concrete steps in a linear pattern. The result is the overall image of a rainbow of flowing colors without clear boundaries.

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Infento-BWB-eloxierte_Profile #News

Infento kit anodised in BWB colors

The colorful kit of INFENTO anodized by BWB Surface Technology has been raffled. Follow more contests and the comments about them on LinkedIn.

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SIGG-Trinkflasche-s-05 #Design

Cult SIGG drinking bottles individually anodised

Who does not know them? The aluminum drinking bottles from SIGG are known far beyond the Swiss border. Several generations associate the iconic utensil with experiences of today and the past.

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PIEGA-s-03 #Design

Aluminum cabinet as a trademark: Loudspeaker from PIEGA

In the Stans plant of BWB Oberflächentechnik, the PIEGA housing parts are milled, inscribed, ground and anodized.

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BWB-Broschuere-Architektur-04-3 #News

Fresh from the press architecture brochure

The new architecture brochure is here: the reduced design and expanded content, such as the Permagrey process, invite relaxed reading and inspiration.

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Permalux 3 0648 #Aviation

Oversize hard anodizing

How do the coating properties of Permalux differ from those of commercially available hard anodized coatings? The BWB laboratory has investigated this question and subjected the surfaces of customer components to an endurance test.

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doppeleinfamilienhaus-bonaduz #Architecture

Semidetached house Bonaduz

The municipality of Bonaduz is situated on a plateau above the confluence of the Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein rivers. The new double family house offers views of the spectacular alpine panorama that surrounds the valley floor.

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esc_Fassade_HELIX_Drohnen_AB200601-N-153 #News

Inspiring Architecture

On Thursday, November 3, BWB Oberflächentechnik and five partners from the construction industry hosted the first inspiring circle. Two exciting presentations were dedicated to the topic of Virtual Reality or Real Virtuality?

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tea-room-heidi-horten-collection-in-situ_3756 #Art

In Situ – Artistic Intervention

Austrian sculptor Hans Kupelwieser creates a ceiling relief of red anodized aluminum for the high-profile Heidi Horten Collection in Vienna.

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Beliebte Designerleuchte in zartem Rosa #Design

Popular designer lamp in soft pink

A mirrored light source and shimmering aluminum: that's all Georg Gisel's luminaire needs to play with light and shadow on walls and ceilings.

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Co-Leitung-Produktion-s-03 #News

Co-leadership with bundled expertise

Kosovka "Koki" Mladenovic and Medardo Fry have formed the production management team at BWB in Stans since April. Who are the people behind it, what is important to them and how does the bundled expertise work in practice?

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KantonsspitalWinterthur1 #Architecture

Cantonal Hospital Winterthur

After ten years of planning and construction, the new building of Winterthur Cantonal Hospital was completed at the beginning of 2022. The new building will ensure the long-term provision of healthcare in the region.

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Alu-Akademie-med #News

Alu Akademie: All about the material aluminum

Every year, the Swiss Aluminum Association offers interested parties the opportunity to further their education at the Alu Academy.

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2016092700_0058-Bearbeitet-gedreht-W #Mechanical engineering

Anodized coating protects Sigrist optical measuring instruments

Due to the diverse areas of application of Sigrist measuring instruments, they must be constructed from robust and durable components. The aluminum components are therefore extramatt anodized at BWB and colored blue or black depending on the area of application.

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Switzerland-Innovationspark-Biel-s-02 #Architecture

Switzerland Innovation Park in Biel

The Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne, SIPBB for short, is just a few minutes' walk from Biel/Bienne train station in the direction of the lake. The strikingly dark façade in BWB-Colinal 3180 sets the building apart from the surrounding buildings.

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Color Collection 02 #News

Fresh color selection: Color Collection 02

There are many facades. But only a few whose outer shells combine functional effectiveness with brilliant aesthetics.

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BWB_Ausbildung_Ellf_MG_0544 #News

Stay curious and open to change

What does an ICT specialist do? And when does it start at BWB Surface Technology?

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BWB-Ampho-Brasage_schreyer_1706194 #Medical technology

Successfully completed audit in medical technology

The FCA would like to express its sincere thanks to all the people involved for their support before and during the audit - thank you for the great team effort.

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Knee and hip prosthesis for medicine #Medical technology

Pure brilliance for medical technology

Since the spring of 2020, BWB-Ampho has been offering innovative plasma polishing. The order volume exceeded expectations after commissioning of the plasma polishing system.

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Rocket. #Aviation

Europe-wide aviation competence

BWB again passed the demanding NADCAP certification in Switzerland, Germany and Romania with top marks and demonstrated the highest aviation competence.

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Nehlsen_Zertifizierung_2021-3-3-web #News

Strong partner: Nehlsen-BWB proves reliability

Amid the consequences of the pandemic, Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden GmbH & Co. KG is awarded the CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate for outstanding creditworthiness and stability for the first time.

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BWB_Hermle #Mechanical engineering

From person to person! User report from the Hermle company

For almost two years, a 5-axis machining center from Hermle, automated with an RS 2 robot system, has provided sufficient flexibility and capacity.

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«Anodised Wicker» in frischer Farbe von Tino Seubert #Design

Fresh color, boldly combined

London-based product designer Tino Seubert created the "Anodised Wicker" collection in 2018, and the stool family was recently anodized in the fresh "BWB Lilac" shade.

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Schulhaus-Acher-Mitte-1 #Architecture

Schoolhouse Acher Center

The aluminum façade in the timeless anodized shades Colinal and Permalux provides the wooden structure with lasting protection against the elements.

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Giessenturm-Duebendorf-Roland-Hof-01 #Architecture

Foundry Tower Dübendorf

New residential and commercial space is being built directly at Giessenpark between Glattufer and Überlandstrasse. The bronze colored building is part of the project.

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Poststrasse-Sued-Ostermundigen-16585_6194ca1cda261-web #Architecture

Office building Poststrasse South

The bronze-colored façade elements take their cue from the former industrial site and the nearby railroad tracks.

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Mehrfamilienhaus-Schulstrasse-Web2 #Architecture

Apartment house Schulstrasse

The quality of this architectural design was appropriately recognized with the "best architects 22 Gold" award.

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Anlage-AR-Industrie-web #Mechanical engineering

Man and machine: A perfect symbiosis in anodising

At BWB-Altenrhein AG, technical coatings such as Heloxal or Harteloxal PTFE are produced automatically throughout. For applications with optical requirements, the manual skills of humans are used in a targeted manner.

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Kunstabteilung-Swissbau-02 #Art

Artistic play of colors of flowing pigments

Color pigments flow into the aluminum and into each other: black into yellow, red into blue. How to apply the liquid dye with brush, pipette and other tools?

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Hydro chair by Tom Dixon #Design

HYDRO Chair in iridescent Sandalor turquoise

The HYDRO Chair is the result of a collaboration between British designer Tom Dixon and the Norwegian aluminum company Hydro.

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SUYA – minimalistisches Objektdesign #Design

SUYA – minimalist object design

Since 1999, BWB Surface Technology's art department has been building and restoring works of art. A minimalist work by SUYA recently graced the wall in the new meeting room.

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schlossbad4 #Architecture

Neumarkt Castle Bath

In addition to the two established processes Permalux and Permabronze, BWB has also been offering the innovative Permacolor process for a good two years.

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Pfarreizentrum_04 #Architecture

Parish center Sursee

The new construction of the parish center is part of an urban redevelopment of the Vierherrenplatz in Sursee. The façade elements anodized in BWB Gold 1 meet aesthetic and functional requirements in equal measure.

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Landingpage BWB Dresden #Aviation

Outstanding team performance at Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik

Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik renews NADCAP certificate at pandemic times with flying colors and achieves the leading standard in aviation with top marks.

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Limitierte XL Tiefseerollen mit Untereloxaldruck #Design

Decorative anodising for the highest demands in product design

Aluminum components can be finished in a variety of ways. Decorative anodising processes are used when surfaces have to meet high visual and functional requirements at the same time.

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High Performance Eloxal HELOXAL #Aviation

Groundbreaking innovation in hard anodising

BWB Surface Technology launches HELOXAL, a high-performance coating for the most demanding technical requirements. The test values determined for the newly developed HELOXAL coating are impressive.

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BWB-Entwicklungslabor #Aviation

Applied research in the BWB development laboratory

Innovative developments and increasing demands on the quality of coatings increasingly require the use of suitable measurement and analysis technology

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Anspitzer Cube #Design

Timeless office accessory revived

Interior designer Torsten Neeland, who lives in Hamburg and London, designed the Cube pencil sharpener 10 years ago. The timeless office accessory has been revived this year by Swiss office accessory label DESCK.

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Baeretower2 #Architecture

BäreTower Ostermundigen

The Zentrum Bären, in the immediate vicinity of Ostermundigen train station, aims at a spatially qualitative densification of the building structure combined with the creation of added value at the level of public space.

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Fassadenreinigung_Ottiger_Ballwil_WEB_008 #News

Facade refurbishment at Ottiger Specialties

What lasts a long time is beautiful again. After three decades, Ottiger Spezialitäten AG in Ballwil, Lucerne, is refreshing its aluminium facade.

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Ausstellung Salutary Failures in der Kunsthalle Basel #Art

Exhibition Salutary Failures

In his largest exhibition to date, Swiss artist Raphael Hefti, known for his experimental methods and materials, presents his new works.

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BWB-Ampho-Plasma_schreyer_2000776 #Medical technology

Plasma polishing – BWB shines with new process

Mirror-smooth surface, high-quality protection and minimal material removal desired?

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Der letzte Schliff für Relish Guitars #Design

The final touch for Relish Guitars

At BWB Surface Technology in Stans-Oberdorf, the aluminum plate at the core of this guitar receives the right polish and a robust anodised coating.

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Campus-Dorf-Hertenstein-RolandJukerFotografie_20200701_0130_B-web #Architecture

Campus Village Hertenstein, Weggis

The delicate, high-quality facade made of anodized aluminum in the color BWB-Colinal 3165 borrows its color from the wood structure of the old hamlet.

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Geistlich-Areal-SGGK-08 #Architecture

Geistlich area – residential development 24 mila baci

The facade is a play on the anodized colors Bausilber and Sandalor Blau from BWB Oberflächentechnik.

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Freizeitbad-Opfikon-RLC-AG-002-med #Architecture

Leisure pool Opfikon

Both functional and aesthetic aspects were taken into account in the selection of materials for the Opfikon leisure pool.

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Replacement of Martinsheim Visp

With its cleverly used aluminum accents, the five-story replacement Martinsheim building appears elegant and lively in equal measure.

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Quadrolith_Baar_mwu_01-web #Architecture

Quadrolith commercial building in Baar

Both the windows and the aluminum sheet cladding were anodized in the BWB color brass 1, which gives the building a noble shine. Depending on the position of the sun, the building appears in bronze, brass or gold.

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Bürgerspital-Solothurn-02-web #Architecture

Civic Hospital Solothurn

Exciting reading for the weekend - The hot off the press annual issue "Facades 2019" of Architektur + Technik is here! We are happy about the professional article presence for the next 12 months and wish interesting reading moments.

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086_Metron_Spitalstrasse_Markus_Kaech_8397-web #Architecture

Educational Center XUND Lucerne

The facade of the XUND Educational Center consists of 400 aluminum window elements with vertical aluminum louvers in front of the ventilation sashes. All aluminum parts were anodised colorless by BWB.

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BWB unterstützt Rennteam mit Speziallackbeschichtung #Mechanical engineering

BWB supports racing team with special paint coating

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esc_Fassade_HELIX_Drohnen_AB200601-N-371-web #Architecture

Commercial building Helix Cham

In addition to the horizontally clad ceiling made of colorless anodized aluminum, the outer shell is characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows with pilaster strips staggered floor by floor.

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FHNW_Muttenz_mwu_2-web #Architecture

FHNW Campus in Muttenz

The aluminum elements of the FHNW campus in Muttenz are anodized in the BWB bronze color, giving the building a timeless and grounded appearance.

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11503_Pfingstweid_Zürich+11-web #Architecture

School Pfingstweid Zurich

The Pfingstweidschulhaus is double-thought in materialization and urban orientation.

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Suurstoffi_Web_0007 #Architecture

Campus Suurstoffi

The 60-meter-high wood-concrete hybrid building on the Suurstoffi site in Rotkreuz is largely used by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

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Mehrfamlienhaeuser_Goldern-s-01 #Architecture

Apartment houses Goldern

The material and color scheme of the apartment buildings is based on the surroundings, with color-anodized aluminum parapets in Sandalor Olive Yellow S100-2 enclosing the light-colored wooden facade.

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© Philipp Zinniker #Architecture

Headquarters Scott Sports SA

Steel and metal facade builder Sottas SA developed and designed the high-tech facade, and BWB subsequently anodized the components in the BWB-Colinal 3115 color.

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Stadthaus-Kriens-01-web #Architecture

Town House Kriens

The 6-story building appears uniformly tidy; the facade in a warm bronze tone nevertheless lively. Half of it will be used as an office wing for over a hundred employees and the other half as a residential building for 30 apartments.

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kssg_haus_10-007-web #Architecture

Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen and Children’s Hospital

The new replacement building House 10 of the Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen (KSSG) is part of the generation building project "come together". The aluminum shell of the bronze-colored six-story building is anodized using the BWB-Colinal 3165 process.

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GH-Schiffbauplatz-web-6820 #Architecture

Commercial building at Schiffbauplatz

The five-story office building with natural stone facade in light Ceppo di Gré is accented in secondary structures with polished Belgian bluestone.

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WohnenRhodonia_BaselCH_JMarburg_A3_N1811_0235-web #Architecture

Rhodonia residential development in Basel

The superstructure in BWB-Bausilber 1 impresses with optimally utilized living space, high living quality and low energy values.

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MerianIselinKlinik_BaselCH_JMarburg_A3_N1811_1218-web #Architecture

Merian Iselin Clinic Basel

The Merian Iselin Clinic was calculated with a sharp pencil by all suppliers. What does this mean for renovation and reconstruction?

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BWB-Brasov-03 #Aviation

Extension of the Nadcap certificate in Braşov

Following the successful establishment of the NADCAP system for "Chemical Processing", the program was expanded in 2018 to include NADCAP "Non Destructive Testing". This significantly expands the capabilities of the BWB Group.

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Marco Ganz: Aluminium Kreationen mit Tiefgang, Pacifico #Art

Aluminum creations with depth

BWB-Betschart AG supports the artist Marco Ganz in the realization of the "Creatures of the Deep" sculptures. The three artworks, made of CNC-milled aluminum blocks, were shaped and anodized according to the artist's specifications.

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Schulhaus-Gruenden-Muttenz-03-web #Architecture

Schoolhouse Grounds Muttenz

The new three-story primary school building with finely tuned materialization: the walls are made of exposed concrete, the windows are framed with anodized aluminum in a light colinal color.

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Migros_Bruggen1 #Architecture

Migros St. Gallen-Bruggen

Careful plumbing work enabled the implementation of the overarching color concept for window parapets, soffits and wall cladding in the anodized BWB bronze color.

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00_02_03_0_Gem_Unter_Nacht-web #Architecture

Parish hall Unterengstringen

Architect Tilla Theus opted for color-anodized aluminum, a lightweight, durable and maintenance-free material, since punched wooden formwork, as used in the old hay barns, is not durable enough.

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Augenklinik-Luzern_RUG6291-web #Architecture

Eye Clinic Lucerne

Permalux integral colouring process meets the requirements of aesthetics and long-term value retention and weather protection.

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Fambau_2015_CF009867_web #Architecture

Office building FAMBAU Bern

The FAMBAU cooperative is committed to providing attractive and affordable housing for families. When the office building was replaced, the needs of the employees were at the forefront.

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BWB_Hobhouse_Twelve_Diamond_003 #Architecture

The Diamond – University of Sheffield

The six-story building with a diamond-shaped facade of anodized aluminum was designed by Twelve Architects and appropriately christened "The Diamond" during its execution.

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Reposoir-Cossy-Nyon-005-web #Architecture

School and sports complex “Cossy

Three golden pavilions are architecturally united by their facade of aluminum slats and interact directly with the surrounding green spaces.

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MEG_Ville-de-Geneve-B-Glauser-25-web #Architecture

Musée d’ethnographie de Genève – MEG

The Musée d'ethnographie in Geneva, or MEG for short, attracts not only art lovers but also photographers and tourists from all over the world.

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Besucherpavillon Eiffelturm Paris_BWB-Sandalor S140-2_HAG-02-2 #Architecture

Eiffel Tower Visitor Pavilion

BWB anodises the visitor pavilion on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. The special, lasting red coloration of the aluminum facade sheets was achieved by the three-stage Sandalor process.

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Anton-Graff-Schulhaus,-Winterthur,-Permalux-P1-und-P2_RUG0943-web #Architecture

Anton Graff House Winterthur

The Permalux-coated building envelope of the Anton Graff House has an elegant appearance, is extremely durable and highly resistant to corrosion.

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Schulzentrum-Reben-Arbon-01-web #Architecture

School Vines in Arbon

Four different coloring processes characterize the facade of the Reben school building in Arbon.

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Messe-Basel_RUG0029 #Architecture

Basel fair

Whether City Lounge or window to the sky, the atrium of Messe Basel has become a landmark in the city center. Its colorless anodized wave-shaped aluminum shell surrounds the entire building.

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Leutschen-Tower-Zuerich_RUG1611-web #Architecture

Leutschentower Zurich

Different processes and colors characterize the facade of the Leutschen Tower in Zurich. Anodizing protects aluminum against weathering for decades and makes it a visually outstanding material for facades and windows.

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Sprachheilschule-Romanshorn_RUG1659-web #Architecture

Romanshorn School of Speech and Language

Anodizing protects aluminum against weathering for decades and makes it a visually outstanding material for facades and windows.

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Pathologie-St-Gallen_RUG2233-web #Architecture

Pathology in St. Gallen

The spectacular architecture of the building is enhanced by BWB staining techniques. In BWB dyeing processes, the dye is located in the pores of the anodizing layer.

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Euro-Airport-Hotel-Basel_RUG0062-web #Architecture

Euro Airport Hotel Basel

The gold-anodized Euro Airport Hotel in Basel stands out from other buildings with its shimmering parapet cladding.

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