Semidetached house Bonaduz

Object: Double family house Bonaduz
Architecture: Ritter Schumacher AG, Architects ETH HTL AA SIA, Chur
Facade construction: Jörimann Stahl AG, Bonaduz
Completion: 2022
Pictures: BWB Surface Technology

BWB finish: stain - in matt effect E6
FCA Proceedings: FCA Permagrey 4

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Daniel Oertle

Division Manager Architecture


The municipality of Bonaduz is situated on a plateau above the confluence of the Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein rivers. The new double family house offers views of the spectacular alpine panorama that surrounds the valley floor.

Access to the house is through a small village road. A wall of light-colored exposed concrete forms a strong contrast to the aluminium facade in the dark anodised shade Permagrey. The metal facade, which is largely closed to the street, creates a great deal of privacy.

Towards the alpine ponaroma, the strict facade is broken up. The impressive surroundings enter the building through the generous windows and a multi-level loggia.


In the Permagrey coating, the alloying elements of the aluminium bond firmly with the anodised layer, giving the surface an anthracite tint. The grain of the rolled structure is enhanced by the coating and creates the unique Permagrey characteristic. One of the first projects to make particularly effective use of Permagrey coated G77Ac sheets is the Bonaduz apartment building.

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