Unlimitrust Campus

Object: Unlimitrust Campus, route des Flumeaux, 1008 Prilly
Client: Sicpa SA, 1008 Prilly
Architecture: Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés Architects, 1006 Lausanne
Façade planning: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG, 4142 Münchenstein
Facade construction: Sottas SA, 1630 Bulle
Completion: 2023
Photos: unlimitrust

BWB process: BWB-Permalux P2

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Angelo Sardella

Customer Service Manager


Timeless aluminum-glass façade

The Unlimitrust Campus of Sicpa, the renowned manufacturer of printing inks for banknotes, covers an impressive 50,000 square meters and offers space for several thousand workstations.
The building has an aluminium and glass façade that was anodised using BWB Surface Technology’s exclusive Permalux process. This not only gives it a timeless color, but also exceptional weather protection that is second to none.

Permalux hard anodising

Anodising aluminium uses an electrochemical process to create a dense oxide layer that protects the components from corrosion. In contrast to anodising, which is carried out at room temperature and with relatively low currents, Permalux is a hard anodising process in which very high currents are used. This gives Permalux coatings greater resistance to mechanical and chemical influences than other coatings. At the same time, the surface is given a characteristic inherent coloration without losing its metallic character. Permalux surfaces are therefore used wherever aesthetics are required, coupled with maximum surface protection.


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