Creatures of the Deep: The Fascinating Elegance of Pacificus

In 2015, the dreamlike deep-sea creatures called "Creatures of the Deep" by artist Marco Ganz first emerged from the anodising baths of BWB Surface Technology. Now two more color variants of the Pacificus have been produced: A first one especially for the premises of BWB-Betschart AG, a second one for the artist.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Pablo Stettler

Art Department


This elegant sculpture seems so intangible and weightless that the great technological challenge of its production is quickly forgotten. The 5-axis machining center from BWB-Betschart AG made it possible to mill the complex freeform on both sides with the highest precision.

The wall sculpture is not flat at the back, but an aluminum body perfectly shaped all around, floating in front of the wall. The incident light creates particularly soft light reflections on it because the red color anodizing has been combined with an extra matte finish.

With the Pacificus, Marco Ganz has not only created extraordinary works of art, but has also fully exploited the limits of technical possibilities. The renewed collaboration between the artist and BWB-Betschart AG has again produced results that embody the union of creativity and advanced manufacturing technology.

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