High-quality Ematal layer for continuous use in agriculture

Hydraulic systems play an important role in increasing productivity and efficiency in agriculture. Ematal-coated components from BWB Surface Technology decisively protect and extend the service life of hydraulic solutions.

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Rubbi Rothenfluh

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Agricultural environments are challenging for product developers. Deployed equipment is exposed to harsh weather conditions, dirt and debris, in addition to being in constant use. Hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand these difficult conditions. They offer robustness, durability and wear resistance.

This reliability ensures that the agricultural machines deliver consistent performance and withstand the demands of daily work. The high-quality coating of hydraulic systems is crucial for this, for example in milking robots. In addition to corrosion and wear resistance, the focus is also on easy cleaning and disinfection.

"Our internationally active customer wants a coating for the hydraulic cylinders that is as smooth and non-porous as possible. The accumulation of impurities is minimized, the cleaning process is more efficient, and the service life is extended. The Ematal coating is convincing for this application," explains René Schaffner, Managing Director of GRIBI Hydraulics AG.

The BWB competence center in Schlieren focuses exclusively on Ematal coating and has continuously expanded its capacities over the past 15 years. In the coming months, the capability will be expanded by a further 50%. The Ematal specialists work closely with customers from various industries to provide lasting protection for the surface of their aluminum components.

GRIBI Hydraulics AG is a renowned Swiss high-tech company specializing in hydraulic solutions and components. With a strong focus on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, GRIBI Hydraulics has established itself as a leading player in the hydraulics industry. The Bergdietikon-based company offers a comprehensive portfolio of hydraulic components, including cylinders, valves, pumps and power units. These components are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure durability, performance and safety. Ematal coating is an essential part of GRIBI hydraulic solutions. The team of experienced engineers and technicians works closely with national and international customers to understand their specific requirements and deliver customized solutions

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