New management for BWB Surface Technology in Dresden

We are pleased to announce the succession of the management of Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden GmbH & Co KG and BWB Surface Technology S.R.L, our BWB plants in Dresden and Brasov.


Many thanks

After many years of dedicated service and remarkable commitment to our company, the commercial managing director, Birgit Fischer, and the technical managing director, Eckehard Thuß, are entering well-deserved retirement. Her leadership and contributions have been instrumental in the success of the entire BWB Group. On behalf of the entire BWB Surface Technology team, I would like to thank Birgit Fischer and Eckehard Thuß from the bottom of my heart for their many years of successful management.

Competent succession

We were able to win Alexander Nerowski and Mark Schreckenbach as successors for the management. Both bring extensive expertise and an extraordinary commitment to shaping the future of our company and further developing the operations in Brasov and Dresden.

We are looking forward to the upcoming time under the leadership of Mark Schreckenbach and Alexander Nerowski and are convinced that they will continue the successful history.

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