Process qualification SurTec 650

BWB offers the advanced SurTec 650 process for the aerospace industry at its Dresden, Stans-Oberdorf and Altenrhein sites. At the Altenrhein site, BWB has successfully had the process audited in accordance with the Applicator Qualification Process (AQP).

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Raffael Bollag

Head of Technology & Quality


The audit was carried out using a checklist from the company. Surtec and in accordance with the standard requirements MIL-DTL-81706B, MIL-DTL-5541F Type II Class 1A (corrosion resistance) and Class 3 (electrical contact resistance). With this success, BWB is now listed as a “Qualified Applicator” in the password-protected area of SurTec.

Surface treatment with SurTec 650 creates a chromium(VI)-free passivation that provides a conversion layer with optimum corrosion protection and low electrical contact resistance. This layer also serves as an ideal primer for paints and adhesives.

The test values achieved meet the coating standards required by SurTec. The coating process was analyzed and optimized in detail in the test facility of the BWB-Betschart AG development laboratory to ensure maximum efficiency and outstanding results.

The qualification gives us the opportunity to offer our customers in the aerospace industry, as well as in all other industries, a future-proof process. We are proud to offer SurTec 650, a tri-chrome passivation for aluminum that meets the highest quality standards.


Applicator Qualification Audit Certificate BWB 2a

Applicator Qualification Audit Certificate BWB 2c

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