New managers for key positions within the BWB Group

We are pleased to inform you that significant changes are taking place in our company. Bernhard Mayer, former Head of Industrial Sales at the BWB Group, will take over the position of Managing Director of BWB-Aloxyd AG with plants in Büren an der Aare, Niederwangen and Grosshöchstetten from March 1, 2024. Together with Aaron Hügli, he forms a new dual management team.


Reorganization of sales and operations management

At the same time as Bernhard Mayer takes up his new position, Rubbi Rothenfluh, previously Operations Manager at BWB-Betschart AG in Schlieren, will take over as Head of Industrial Sales for the entire BWB Group.

In addition, Reto Castelluccio, Operations Manager of BWB-Iten in Rudolfstetten, will take over the management of BWB-Betschart AG in Schlieren alongside his previous responsibilities.

These strategic adjustments strengthen our management level and position the BWB Group for sustainable growth and continued success.

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