Aluminum for electromobility

E-Force One AG is a pioneer in the field of e-trucks (electric trucks) and has been developing purely electrically powered commercial vehicles in the weight range from 18 to 44 tons since 2012. In order to meet the high demands on load-bearing capacity and corrosion resistance, the company relies on the aluminum alloy EN AW 6082 for structural components.

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Thomas Furger

Manager Mechanical Processing


Lightweight components for traction battery

Precise machining by BWB-Betschart AG produces lightweight components for a traction battery from solid plates and bars that fulfill their function with minimal weight. The solid connection plate, which accommodates various components, including the high-voltage connection and the pressure compensation diaphragm, offers an optimum solution with its low weight. In addition, the company uses BWB-machined aluminum longitudinal members in its traction battery, which offer optimum rigidity but are still designed for lightweight construction. The resulting traction batteries on the e-truck have a total capacity of 450 kWh.

Competence in aluminium

BWB is responsible for the procurement and CNC machining of the material. Thanks to its extensive materials expertise and its ability to work reliably even with small quantities, BWB is the ideal supplier for the innovative company from Beckenried.

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