Groundbreaking innovation in hard anodising

BWB Surface Technology launches HELOXAL, a high-performance coating for the most demanding technical requirements. The test values determined for the newly developed HELOXAL coating are impressive.

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Daniel Stutz

Sales Manager Industry


Outstanding values

Using the bubble test commonly used in the industry, the newly developed HELOXAL coating (High Performance Eloxal) was proven to have a corrosion resistance of over 480 minutes (>8h). The usual value of hard anodised coatings in the market is less than one hour. The other properties of the coating are also impressive: a dielectric strength of more than 30 V/µm is achieved. Low voltages of more than 1500 volts (1.5 kV) can be realized. The neutral salt spray test (NSS) and the acetic acid salt spray test (AASS) with 1,000 h each were passed.

High Performance Eloxal HELOXAL

High Performance Eloxal HELOXAL

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