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Scott headquarters in BWB-Colinal 3115

Dynamic aluminium façade with microperforated shading panels for Scott Sports


At the new Scott Sports headquarters in the Fribourg municipality of Givisiez, even the façade is dynamic. In keeping with the company's motto, the outer shell also pushes the limits of innovation, technology and design; the microperforated shading panels made from anodised aluminium are controlled by the sun, and regulate the building's indoor temperature.

But it's not just the aluminium façade that demonstrates vision and a sense of entrepreneurship; the interior design does too. Behind the glass exterior on the ground floor are publicly accessible showrooms for Scott Sports' various brand universes. The building also integrates gyms and bike-parking bays for its approximately 600 staff. The four upper levels are home to offices, some as open-plan offices, others as meeting rooms for special discussions or work requiring particular concentration.

Images: Philipp Zinniker and Simon Ricklin via IttenBrechbühl

'A good façade is a high-tech, well-thought-out and functional system that meets architectural requirements and visions.' – Nicolas Perrottet, project manager at Sottas SA

Steel and metal-façade builder Sottas SA developed and constructed the high-tech façade, before BWB then anodised the components in the colour BWB Colinal 3115. The project entailed joint solutions in order to manufacture the sophisticated individual components.

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