Dancing maple leaves – aesthetic and functional

Dancing maple leaves – aesthetic and functional


The new parish centre in Sursee is part of the urban redevelopment of Vierherrenplatz. On the edge of the old town, the building provides space for residential and public premises, including a café and a publicly accessible foyer as shared space.


Even from afar, the gold-anodised exterior with dancing maple leaves is an eye-catcher. And seen from up close, the pattern dissolves into thousands of dots of varying size.

Rothenburg-based company Wey – an inventive family business – spared no expense in producing the façade elements; it even invested in additional CNC machining to cope with the tremendous amount of work involved. This project is highly complex, and the precision-designed perforation pattern with varying hole sizes makes every façade element a unique piece. The Wey AG assembly team managed to keep track of everything thanks to a well-thought-out plan with milled-in numbering. Hole-cutting was followed by shaping on the folding machine.

Business-owner Josef Wey is proud of the in-house production process. From custom-made items to mass production, they find a way to fulfil any type of order.       Photo: Josef Wey AG

The high standards of perfection and innovation are reflected in numerous details, such as the way the façade elements are assembled without any visible bridging. 'Our aim is to find aesthetic, innovative and technically flawless solutions', explains Josef Wey. And the high-quality BWB-Gold 1 anodised coating fits this philosophy perfectly.

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