Pralox®-refined NX.2 desk clock

Pralox®-refined Swiss design for Christie’s auction house


8 November will see the Pralox®-refined NX.2 desk clock auctioned off at historic auction house Christie's. The NX.2 has been made in a limited batch of 10 editions, the first of which is now available for purchase.


Photo: Battenberg Foundation

The precision timepiece fuses tradition with modernity. The time is shown via NIXIE tubes – a technology known since the 1920s, and which has now been brought into the modern age and revived. The simple aluminium support structure with Pralox® finish combines tradition with state-of-the-art technology.
'The Pralox® process gives the casing a velvety black surface. This subtle restraint enables the focus to remain on the illuminated tubes', says Stefan Kuonen.


NX2-Zeitmesser-Pralox-veredeltThe minds behind the NX.2 - Stefan Kuonen, Dalibor Farny und Björn Ischi; Photo: Battenberg Foundation 

The NX.2 desk clock is the product of three creative minds contributing vast knowledge in clocks, display technology and design. The NX.2 development was initiated by Swiss watchmaker Stefan Kuonen, while the technical know-how is the responsibility of Dalibor Farny, who has been successfully working on reviving Nixie tubes since 2011. Swiss designer Björn Ischi, meanwhile, finally managed to capture the character of the 'Golden Twenties' and translate it into the modern age. The collector's item is precision-crafted by hand in collaboration with people with special needs at the Battenberg Foundation in Biel/Bienne.

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