A gleaming décor item inspired by a golden age


Object-design students had their first experience with BWB Surface technology as part of a practical project, where surface refinements preserving the metallic nature of the base material left a lasting impression. Months later, BWB was able to anodise another project by a student from the University of Lucerne – a handmade '50s-style tea trolley.


Photos: BWB Surface technology

Achieving the finished product required overcoming a few challenges. The alloys of the individual aluminium parts were not known, and the dyeing process in manual anodising requires a lot of flair and intuition. Some alloys are particularly suitable for decorative surface refinements, while other less suitable compounds darken quickly or turn into a greyish colour. The experienced hands of the anodiser at BWB-Betschart AG in Stans were key to the end result. Originally designed in brass, the décor item now shines resplendent in gold-anodised aluminium.