Co-management at the BWB-Betschart AG production facility

Co-management at the BWB-Betschart AG production facility


Pooled expertise

Kosovka 'Koki' Mladenovic and Medardo Fry have been BWB's production managers in Stans since April. Together, they ensure seamless order processing and embody BWB-Betschart AG's long-time experience in surface technology. Who are the people behind it, what's important to them and how does the pooled expertise work in practice?

Orchestra conductor Koki

Omnipresent Koki has been working at BWB for 27 years. She is responsible for all production teams, keeping track of everything from grinding and rendering, to pre-assembly, to quality controls. Koki misses nothing, the all-rounder responding immediately whenever an order falls out of synch with production processes. Her keen eyes follow the workpieces throughout the various stages of anodisation. Like a conductor, she controls the work and sets the rhythm – to ensure a perfectly co-ordinated ensemble.

Tightrope-walker Medardo

With a deep baritone and quiet Uri accent, Medardo is BWB's voice to the outside world. On the telephone, he talks to customers, provides information about dates and deadlines, and co-ordinates order processing and logistics. Ongoing optimisations, co-ordinating orders and ensuring suitable transport solutions are a balancing act. But if any difficulties arise, there's a safety net in the form of honesty to all those involved. 'Delays happen; what's important is to identify problems early on and discuss them with the customer. When time is of the essence, Koki is my joker.'

Well-functioning co-management is based on clear task allocation and openness. Whether it be in the orchestra pit or as a performance-date artist, it's all about the WE.

Medardo Fry
Order Management
Kosovka Mladenovic
Production Management