In situ – artist intervention


Austrian sculptor Hans Kupelwieser is creating a ceiling relief made of red-anodised aluminium for Heidi Horten's exquisite collection in Vienna.


The ceiling relief consists of individual aluminium sheets that the artist warped with a dredger to produce a sculpture of indistinct spatiality and depth, whose deep-red anodised surface gives it a subtle velvety sheen. The aluminium sheet gives way to the material-distortion effect. As if transformed into a textile, it adds a sense of glamour to the elegant space. With this installation, Kupelwieser provides a continuation to the historic ceiling relief that runs throughout the entire building, creating a visual link between past and present.

   The Heidi Horten Collection museum

After nearly two years of extensive construction work, the museum was opened on 3 June 2022. The next enterprise architects used ambitious architecture to transform the former archducal chancellery building into a contemporary museum.

Photo: © Carreon Lopez, view of OPEN exhibition, Heidi Horten Collection


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