The XUND Training Centre

Object: The XUND Training Centre
Location: Spitalstrasse 45, 6004 Lucerne
Architect: Metron Architektur AG, Brugg
Façade construction: Geilinger AG, Winterthur
Façade design: Feroplan Engineering AG, Zürich
Client: XUND Höhere Fachschule Gesundheit Zentralschweiz
represented by: Dienststelle Immobilien, Lucerne

Pre-treatment: Etching – with matte effect E6
Process: EV1, 20µm, natural colour

The newly-built XUND Training Centre brings together the various facilities of the Fachschule Gesundheit Zentralschweiz (Central Switzerland Healthcare College) and the Zentralschweizer IG Gesundheitsberufe (Central Switzerland Association of Healthcare Professions) which were previously scattered across the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital Campus. The 22 metre high building occupies a square footprint of 42 metres on each side.

The façade consists of 400 aluminium window elements with vertical aluminium slats located in front of the ventilation louvres. All aluminium components were anodised using the EV1/E6 process to produce an anodised layer 20µm thick in a natural colour.

Photos: Markus Käch, Emmenbrücke