School building Gründen Muttenz

Object: School building Gründen Muttenz
Client: Municipality of Muttenz
Architects: Nord GmbH Architekten BSA SIS
Construction management: Büro für Bauökonomie AG
Façade construction: Gerber-Vogt AG
Project time frame: 2016 to 2017

BWB finish: Grinding & brushing – in elegant E4 texture
BWB procedure: BWB-Colinal 3115

Key facts about the building:

  • A new three-level primary-school building with two gymnasiums in the basement and bright classrooms on the upper level
  • Exterior shell made of high-quality Italian travertine
  • Well co-ordinated materials: Walls made of visible concrete, windows framed with anodised aluminium in a pale Colinal shade
  • Anodised-aluminium ribbon windows running across the exterior
  • Lengthwise façade split into three fitted double windows
  • A building combining classicism and modernity
  • Symmetries characterise both the exterior shell and the interior room partitioning
  • Staircases double as atriums

'There were a few delivery delays for the façade and windows of the Schulhaus Gründen school building due to high capacity utilisation at the anodising plant. This can have disastrous consequences for "just in time" production. We were informed early on, so we were able to factor this into our production plan. We appreciate the open communication with BWB. When it comes to high quality, the BWB group is the perfect partner.' – Technical Purchases department, Gerber-Vogt AG

 Photos: Johannes Marburg